Crowdfunding: a large number of individuals or legal entities fund the same cause.

There are four main types of crowdfunding


Individuals or legal entities donate funds, deductible on taxes, and do not receive anything of added value in return. Countries usually do not tax donations crowdfunding if it is conducted in accordance with tax legislature. Depending on the state law, the recipients should be non-governmental organizations (NGO’s)


Individuals reward small amounts of funds to start-up companies. In return, they receive rewards from the start-up, usually in the form of zero-series of their product or service that the start-up wants to scale up either by starting industrial production or growing their market access.  In this way, the start-up is pre-selling their product/service & testing the market.


Registered investors and investor groups from the public and private sector invest in a growing start-up seeking funds to scale their operations. If the company has already been valuated the investment is based on equity. If the company is pre-valuation the investment is based on convertible loans which change into equity, depending on a later valuation.


Individuals, investors or organizations can loan small amounts of money directly to those who need it – these are called micro-loans. In return, depending on the gateway used for lending crowdfunding, they get the same amount invested with a minimal ROI, but not neccessarily. Rate of successful returns on loans at 99,01% by far exceeds those of the banks. 

We are doing our best to incorporate all types of crowdfunding by working with the public sector and directly with SME’s by helping them get funded.

We try to help all governmental and private parties make a foundation for new types of funding, mainly CROWDFUNDING, to help jump-start our SME’s.
We get individuals, projects and businesses funded. To achieve that, we help them get to whatever stage they need to reach to be viable for the investment.
We help talented individuals join amazing start-ups and projects, or we help them develop their own ideas into businesses. We try to connect the right people for success.