DUODECIM – law for revolutionaries


The word “duodecim” originates from the phrase “LEX DUODECIM TABULARUM”, and describes the first instances of Roman law from year 462 B.C., that was carved in stone on twelve tablets and to “equalize freedoms of both classes”.

Duodecim will offer law advisory services for individuals, projects and SME’s (micro, small and medium enterprises) at the prices and under conditions which will be suited to their needs and capabitilies.

All projects face legalchallenges, but to newcomers which rely heavily on their cash-flow, legal obstacles might prove to be insurmountable and could impact them very negatively. Most of the time the impact is time-consuming, often times also a big financial burden.

The problem of individuals with an idea and the drive to make it into something, and most micro and small companies and start-up ventures is that they often can’t afford legal counseling. Legal counseling can be complicated, hard to understand, and very time consuming. Consequently it is unreachable to those who have put all their financial capabilities into developing their ideas, unknowing of the fact that legal issues must be dealt with in all scenarios. Should these entrepreneurs decide to try and solve their legal troubles themselves, they will find they have lost a lot of time for a result that might not cut it in the real world of experienced lawyers.

It is companies like Walker Corporate Law that practice law in a new way, a better, more easy to understand and a more approachable way. And because law is meant to ease our progress, we have decided to establish Duodecim.

Currently we are analyzing the local market and preparing some general services, whilst trying to understand our potential customers as much as possible. We are open to partner with law firms and individuals who have experience in practicing corporate law.