Event: Rome wasn’t built in a day


Event: Rome wasn’t built in a day

Have the Italians realized the importance and the real value of investing in Slovenian ”life science” companies?

On October 22nd, zavod ZMAG in cooperation with the Italian partners LCA Studio Legale from Milan, organized an event Rome wasn’t  built in a day, which was held in Center inovativnega podjetništva (CIP) where the participants knowing the importance of investing in the life science sector gathered.

The organizers decided to highlight the importance of the theme because they realize that the development of society depends as much on investing in the life science sector as much as it does in technological development. Life-science sector is often ignored by investors because of its specifics that define it. It is crucial to understand the technology which the company is developing, the need for higher investments in starting and growing faze, higher fixed costs, distinctness of the market in which the company is trying to penetrate to, and the most important from the investors’ point of view – higher risk and longer return of the investment.

At the event we could hear pitches from some very interesting Slovenian companies, such as: Animacel, Wineist, BioSistemika, DS Meritve, Breathing labs and Sweet Speed, which left the investors very intrigued.

Among them were Italian guests Diego Bravar (founder of Bio Valley), Alfio Alessi (financial adviser at Emintad), Marko Cisotto (H-farm). At the same time we had the privilege to listen to Elisa Scelsa, the director of Italian trade agency in Slovenia, who explaned how business environment works in Italy.

Entrepreneur Blaž Zupan, PhD commented:

˝The event was very interesting because it allowed us to get the insight of the life-science field. From the business point of view I can say that the companies that pitched today are exceptional, because they each cover a certain part of the market. Some of them are aiming for the wider crowd, while others are targeting a niche market. They all have something in common – enormous potential to penetrate into the foreign market.

I think the investment community in Slovenia is not doing enough to connect with other countries. We have a great strategic location among countries with a long tradition and an endless amount of experience from which we could learn immensely.˝

˝I would like to emphasize that the investors were from this region so they  thoroughly understand the issues we are facing, therefore the conversations proceeded faster than they normaly would. We hope we can collaborate in the future” added Luka Mohorič, CEO at Animacel ltd.

Another interesting presentation was made by Marina Mrkežič (Innovation Scouting at CONDA) about investment platform CONDA Crowdinvesting SI, which is going to be the first registered platform in Slovenia. The platform will enable inflow of investments for the growth of a company and allow individuals to invest in a company.

A great potential was also shown by Exchange claims (Borza terjatev) with its founder Marko Rant.

˝As a biotechnologist, in my opinion, knowledge, good ideas and putting those ideas into use in the form of successful businesses in the field of science, is an important part of our lives. If we would like to get a better investor consulting, we have to understand the specifics  such companies are facing and only then will we be able to get on the right path” added Ajda Maric, organizer of the event from zavod ZMAG.


Presentation of company Animacel by the director Luka Mohorič.


Presentation of the company Wineist by founder Peter Bruner.


Attendees of event Rome wasn’t bulit in a day.


Round table on investing in “life-science” area. From left to right: Marco Cisotto (H-farm), Vladimir Milošević (Conda Crowdinvesting.si), Andrea Messuti (LCA Studio legale), Alfio Alessi (Emintad), Elisa Scelsa (ITA), Diego Bravar (Bio Valley).


Innovative culinary experience prepared by masters of SURFood.


Representative of chocolate company Sweet Speed, Slavica Podpečan Cokan.

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