Kickstarters of equity CF


We could divide the equity CF into three categories:

Real estate (REIT) – it’s been around for a long time, but investors have not been able to invest directly in small amounts. Crowdfunding changes that. One of the top platforms in real estate CF is Prodigy Network.  They allow investors to assess investments with as little as $10,000.  So far they’ve led 6 major projects raising over $300 MIO from 6,200 investors around the world. Currently they are developing projects with an estimated worth of over $850 MIO.

Hedge funds – As an industry it is very difficult to access. With the introduction of the JOBS act, at least in the US, hedge funds are now able to advertise to investors. A good example is the equity CF platform called Sliced Investing, which offers participation to accredited investors for a min. of $20,000.

Private equity – The challenge has been the requirement of a very high minimum investment, in the US $1 MIO to become an LP in a private equity fund. But luckily, InvestX was recently launched and with it it brings winds of change to the equity HEDGE fund CF. All the deals are sourced and analysed and due-diligence-ised by a select group of partner equity firms. The minimum is set at $2,500, allowing investors to diversify and balance their portfolio. Each of the investors invests alongside equity firms and receives the exact same conditions as the equity firms.


(source:, Marcus New)